Suggested Research Topic: Influence of Branding + GUI Design on Perceived Trustworthiness in the Domain of Online Banking

User interface design and branding is known to have a strong influence on how trustworthy a system is perceived by users. This is particularly important in the domain of online banking and electronic payment systems because of the high risk of financial fraud.

Influence of design factors on the perceived trustworthiness of online banking or payment systems.

Students may apply to write a bachelor or diploma thesis in this area of research. One specific, suggested research goal is to evaluate and quantify the influence of design factors (e.g., user interface styling and consistency, branding, shopping seals etc.) on the perceived trustworthiness of an online banking or e-payment system.

Multiple students are already working on variations of this topic already. If you are particularly interested in this topic, you can nevertheless apply via email to with a short statement about your background in HCI and your interest in this research topic. We can then seek to define a goal for your work that has not yet been addressed by your colleagues.