The focus of all lectures is on human-computer interaction, user interface design and usability engineering. Several proseminars and seminars are scheduled each semester on topics related to our research.

All teaching is conducted in German, unless otherwise stated. Individual projects can also be conducted in English.


183.289 VU Interface & Interaction Design (winter term)

Interface & Interaction Design (IIxD) deals with the essential aspects of planning, design and development of user interfaces for interactive systems. The aim of the course is to convey the basics of user interface design and to present innovative interaction concepts. Furthermore, the course should convey an understanding of the criteria that make up good and bad user interfaces.

183.639 VU Beyond the Desktop (summer term)

Beyond the Desktop deals with designing alternatives to traditional graphical user interfaces. The technologicalization of our environment – made possible by cheaper, more powerful hardware and its miniaturization – and the progressive development of sensors and technologies for networking, new forms of human-computer interaction are possible.

183.234 VU Forschungsmethoden (summer term)

The course conveys scientific paradigms and research approaches, study design in empirical evaluation research with a focus on human-computer interaction and selected qualitative and quantitative research methods. The course participants learn how to plan and design empirical studies and how to present study planning in the form of a project proposal.

183.661 VU Mobile (App) Software Engineering (winter and summer term)

This course deals with the professional development of mobile apps on modern tablets and smartphones from an engineering perspective, i.e. with regard to the professional implementation of a project, as is common in modern software engineering.

183.123 VU Usability Engineering (summer term)

Usability engineering is used to ensure and measure the usability of products. In this course, basic usability methods are to be learned and applied in practice. The methods presented in the lecture units are implemented in practical examples, mostly in a real context.

Seminars and Projects

194.051 PR Interface and Interaction Design (winter term)

As part of the “PR Interface and Interaction Design” you will deepen the knowledge and methods you have learned from courses such as “VU Interface and Interaction Design” and “VU Usability Engineering” in an iterative process through the elaboration and evaluation of a self-created, innovative concept. The main focus is on the user interface, the associated interaction concept and the user-centered design.

183.659 SE Theorie und Praxis der Evaluierung von innovativen Interfaces (winter term)

The main focus is the planning of empirical studies in HCI. The corresponding skills are typically required for bachelor and master theses at DECO – we recommend completing the course beforehand.

183.667 PR Mobile (App) Prototyping & Evaluation

As part of the course “Mobile (App) Prototyping & Evaluation” you will design an application on a current topic in an iterative process and implement it as a prototype. The main focus is on the user interface, the associated interaction concept and the user-centered design.

183.604 PR Building Interaction Interfaces

The focus of this course is on the design, prototyping, implementation and, if necessary, evaluation of innovative interactive systems, e.g. in the areas of mobile computing, multitouch interaction, tangible computing and ubiquitous computing. In the case of sufficiently large or complex tasks, it is possible to work in groups.

The aim of this course is the design, implementation and evaluation of a prototype using the iterative user-centered design process as part of a practice-oriented project work.

This is a deepening of the teaching content of From Design to Software 1 and ties in with the above-mentioned course in terms of content and topic.

Research Focus

As part of our research focus, we can support students with specialist knowledge and technical aids who are interested in a project internship, a bachelor or master thesis in one of our research areas:


Projects & Theses

All projects are in the Human-Computer Interaction area and can be started anytime. Fore more details, please refer to: