Upcoming Courses on Research Methods in HCI

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We will offer the following practical courses (in German) in the upcoming summer semester.

  • 183.234 Forschungsmethoden
  • 183.646 Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten
  • 183.603 Seminar aus Medieninformatik

Participants will plan an empirical study and present their study plan in the form of a project proposal. Important topics covered in the course include the following.

  • Study Design: Formulating a precise research question. Postulating hypotheses that can be subjected to empirical investigation. Variables and their role in study design. Knowledge of available research methods and choice thereof. Qualitative and quantitative approaches.
  • Literature Search: Knowledge of relevant digital libraries, planning and conducting searches in related literature to quickly comprehend the state-of-the-art within a chosen research area.
  • Scientific Writing and Presentation: Fundamentals of scientific writing, discussion of common errors, creation of scientific presentations.

The above skills are important for writing bachelor and master theses – we suggest that students complete one of the courses beforehand. The lectures will be held in three workshops. Introduction and first lecture on March 15th, 2016 from 15-18h at the INSO library (Wiedner Hauptstr. 76 / 2nd. floor).