Gamification of Online Surveys – New Paper accepted at INTERACT’15

Our study “Gamification of Online Surveys: Design Process, Case Study, and Evaluation” [1] was accepted for publication at the Interact 2015 conference.

Gamification has been proposed to make online surveys more pleasant to fill and, consequently, to improve the quality of survey results. We applied our gamification design process [2] to an existing survey targeted at teenagers and young adults. This allowed to formulate lessons learned regarding our design process; results strongly support the process’s usefulness and applicability. The gamified survey was evaluated in a study with 60 participants regarding the psychological and behavioral outcomes of gamification.

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Gamification of Online Surveys – new paper presented at NordiCHI 2014

We presented a new paper [1] at the NordiCHI 2014 conference in Helsinki. In the paper, we put forth a well-structured process for gamifying online surveys. You can download the full PDF from our website

Prior work on gamified surveys has been unclear about design methods and best practices, but has instead focused on evaluating psychological and behavioral outcomes. In contrast and addition, our paper provides a well-structured design process:

Conceptual Foundations and a Unified Design Process for Gamifying Online Surveys
The proposed unified design process combines gamification (MDA game elements [2]) and form design (Jarret’s three layers of form design [3]) and applies the combined, iterative process to the survey areas to be gamified. Graphic based on [1, Fig.1].

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