MPE SS 2017: Student projects

Last semester’s design task of the Mobile (App) Prototyping and Evaluation (MPE) lecture at DECO was to create, prototype and evaluate innovative solutions in the field of social networks for professional athletes and their fans.

Three teams of three to four students completed the seminar, resulting in creative, useful and innovative applications. We proudly present the mobile application concepts of our participating student teams:

SporTro – a social app for professional sportsmen for keeping them connected to their team

TennisUp! – a location-based social network app for connecting tennis fans and players

Ski-Day – an app dedicated to professional skiers for coordinating daily routines


Nataliia Avdosieva, Martina Kratky, Daniela Stoll

SporTro is a social mobile app for professional sportsmen with the main purpose of keeping them connected to their team. SporTro can be used for any kind of team sport, but is specialized in supporting ice hockey teams right now.

Offering to the team members a range of functions such as a schedule with all events, a group chat for internal communication, the seasonal game plan and game statistics for being aware of the opponents and a media center to share photos and videos, SporTro is an ideal solution for professional sports teams.

SporTro is a simple way to separate your private life from your professional one. You do not need to use social networks such as Facebook or be 24/7 online in Skype in order not to miss important events. Updated by your coach the calendar and the group chat communication will inform you about everything that is related to you and your team. Having a quick access to game statistics will allow you to check information about games you have already played and their results. And finally, you can share your cool photos and videos with your team as well as in Facebook.”

Video: SporTro on youtube (German)


Marija Babovic, Nikolina Blagojevic, Milutin Tomic

TennisUp is a location based social network that is all about tennis. If you are visiting a tennis tournament than this app is all you need. It shows you posts from other fans and players that are also at the tournament. You can like, share and comment those posts. You can see the tournament schedule and the current ranking. Tap on any players profile picture to see his or her profile with lots of additional information and all their posts. Once you sign up you automatically see all the posts from all the players at the tournament. You can unfollow players who‘s posts you would prefer not to see. Gather points by completing achievements and get the oppurtunity to win amazing prizes.”

Video: TennisUp! on vimeo (German)


Jan Amort, Michal Vranec, Patrick Wolfschwenger, Jovan Zivanovic

Ski-Day is an app dedicated to professional skiers who have a very stressful day at competitions and many commitments. Therefore, Ski-Day tries to help the athlete to coordinate his daily routine and to relieve him of some stress, so that he can be completely concentrate on the competition.”

Video: Ski-Day on youtube (German)