Evaluating (Commercial) Video Games for HCI Research Purposes

Serious Games are a novel and promising way for motivating people to participate in HCI research. However, the design and development of high-quality games can be a challenging and costly endeavor. At the same time, a large number of video games already exist, which can be customized or extended (e.g. open source games, modding). For this reason, the goal of this topic is to evaluate the suitability of existing video games (commercial, open source, …) for HCI research purposes.

This topic is suitable for applied project-based courses (PR) or for a bachelor thesis. Candidates should have prior experience with video games. Prior experience in game design, game development or game modding is recommended. Prior experience in HCI research methodology is also advantageous.

Please contact christoph.wimmer@inso.tuwien.ac.at if you are interested in this topic.