DECO HCI Seminar SS 2016: Student project

Last semester’s design task of the Human Computer Interaction seminar at DECO was to create, prototype and evaluate innovative solutions for the future of money, payment, banking and financial services. The seminar was based on results from a 2-day hackathon event called Bankathon/CashTechThon, organised by the Research Group for Industrial Software (INSO, Vienna University of Technology).

A team of three students completed the seminar, resulting in an innovative application called “PoMMo” that brings pocket money to the smartphone for both kids and their parents and helps children learn how to manage money.

We proudly present the mobile application concept of our student team:

PoMMo – Pocket Money Mobile

Marcel Hansemann, Martina Kratky, David Peherstorfer

PoMMo (Pocket Money Mobile) is an application for both kids and their parents that brings pocket money to the smartphone. Digital pocket money can be spent, managed and sent using an intutive interface.

Through independently managing their own pocket money, kids learn how to deal with (digital) money and to take responsibility for their spending. Two separate apps, one for kids and one for parents, interface with each other to provide one comprehensive experience.

Kids can use the app to pay via NFC in stores. They can also ask their parents for money and consult their transaction history. Parents see a summary of their kids’ transactions throughout the month, are able to send them money and configure settings for the kids app.”

Video: PoMMo on youtube (German)

App for kids:

App for parents: